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About Nebraska Ballistics

Our Background

We are one of only 3 NRA certified reloading instruction classes in the state. Our goal is to teach the art of reloading custom ammunition for all platforms.
If you are interested in saving money, improving accuracy and making a better quality of ammo this is the how it is done.

Tailored for your exact reloading needs

One on one training

One on one classes are outside of Anselmo Nebraska. One class is held from 8am-12pm and a second class is from 1pm-5pm. All classes are 4 hours and cost $200 (paypal, check or money order). Please email us at to sign up for and reserving your class time. 

We provide all tools and equipment to teach you how to reload all ammo types. 

Rifle Bullets

Buy Ammunition

Interested in buying made to order ammunition. Please contacts us via phone or email to discuss orders

43404 Hwy S 21A
Anselmo, NE


Shooting Practice

Committed to Quality


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